About Me

  • Hello, I’m Catherine Bamber and I started Bamber Prints in 2020. I’d recently moved home to the UK after four years in America and decided to start selling my illustrations as a way to keep busy (and sane) during the first lockdown.

    I love to draw animals and my illustrations are built up with thousands of small black dots in fun and unique placements. I sell prints for the home, custom pet and house portraits and greeting cards.

    I hope my work can spread a bit of positivity and be a reason to smile, whether you’re buying a product for yourself, a friend or simply scrolling through Instagram.

    The impact I’m having on the environment factors into every decision I make at Bamber Prints, from the paper I use to how I package each product. I’m passionate about continuing to learn about sustainability and making improvements as I go. To read more about what I’m currently doing, click here.