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About Me

Hello! I’m Catherine Bamber, the founder + illustrator behind Bamber Prints - a small business I started during lockdown #1 to keep busy + sane!

Almost two years later, I'm still going and based out of my home in Surrey. You can find out more about me below. Thanks for having a look around!

If you have any questions, you can contact me here
  • About Me - Bamber Prints
  • About Me - Bamber Prints
  • About Me - Bamber Prints
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As I said above, I started Bamber Prints in 2020, I’d recently quit my job to move back to the UK after four years in Ohio. In hindsight, it wasn't the best timing as I found myself unemployed at the start of a global pandemic...

When it seemed the whole world was baking banana bread + dancing on TikTok, I picked up my pencil (an apple one to be precise 😎) + drew.

The majority of my designs are drawn digitally on my iPad + built up with thousands of small black dots. I hope my work can be a reason to smile, whether you’re buying a product for yourself, a friend or simply scrolling through Instagram.

I also draw custom commissions

It's quickly become one of my favourite parts of the business. I can draw your pets, houses, favourite photographs + lots more!

Find out more here
  • Bamber Prints - Eco-friendly small business with plastic free packaging

    Plastic Free Packaging

  • Bamber Prints - Eco-friendly small business with recycled materials and printed on recycled card

    Printed on Recycled Card

  • Bamber Prints - Eco-friendly small business made in the UK

    Designed + Made in the UK

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